Random Integers and Strings

The package mrand is a wrapper for Go’s math/rand package.  It provides three functions: Int, Int64, and String. Both Int and Int64 are variadic functions so they may be passed minimum and maximum values or may be used without arguments in which case they will return a random number between zero and their respective maximum values. The String function requires one length argument and will return an alpha-numeric string.


package main

import (

func main () {
	fmt.Printf("Integer between 1 and 100: %v\n", mrand.Int(1,100))
	fmt.Printf("Integer between 0 and MaxInt32: %v\n", mrand.Int())
	fmt.Printf("64bit Integer between 0 and MaxInt64: %v\n", mrand.Int64())
	fmt.Printf("Random alpha-numeric string: %v\n", mrand.String(24))

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