Hello Go

Every programmer remembers their first “Hello World” experience. My first was on Atari Basic where I entered the following two lines:

 10 print "Hello World"
 20 goto 10

Watching the resulting stream of Hello World lines cascade down the screen drew me into a whole new world and changed my life.

Fast forward three and a half decades and several programming languages, interpreters, and compilers. I was content with my little toolbox of bash and Perl utilities for sys admin duties, PHP and JavaScript for web development. Then along came Go language and yet another “Hello World” to be run.

A few brilliant minds at Google have come up with a new language named Go. Alright, it’s not really all that new; in fact it was released in November of 2009. But it’s new to me anyway. Along with an army of over 780 contributors, the Go developers have created a language that in my opinion could easily replace several of our beloved programming languages for back-end web services in the coming years.

To help newbies get a feel for the language in a matter of minutes, the Go developers have created one of the best tutorials that I have ever seen. It’s not really meant for beginning programmers, but any C, Java, or PHP programmers will find it quite simple to learn. The Go language tutorial allows you to run sample code directly on the site. Spend 20 minutes going through the tutorial, download and install the language, and you’ll be writing Go code in no time.

A Tour of Go
A quick-start guide complete with sample code that actually runs.
Go Programming for Beginners
A great resource to learn a bunch more about Go.
Go playground
Write and execute Go code directly on Google’s server.